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Do You Have a Brand - or Just a Logo?

Placebranding is often considered window dressing, or a “quick fix” marketing project. In fact, placebranding should be part of a long-term, highly strategic process of leading genuine change in your community and/or region. It’s a big picture process — not packaging — and that’s really a far more powerful tool in a community leader’s arsenal.

Brand Adoption Performance Indicators

Developing a regional brand is a strategic endeavour. Implementing a regional brand, however, is much more fluid and organic, and requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments. This is not necessarily an expensive and time-consuming exercise.

Brand Input Survey

The following is a specialized Brand Input Survey developed by Taiji Brand Group to aid you in your placebranding process. It was created to help community leaders ascertain how local citizens currently see their “place” and its brand. It has purposely been designed to be very brief so that it gets to the point quickly and focuses on key elements that are important to any place, be it a small community or a wide-spread region.

Brand Usage Form

The following is a Brand Usage tool developed by Taiji Brand Group to aid in you in your placebranding process. This form can be used as the basis of a brand-use agreement between your organization and anyone wishing to use your brand.

Ten Ideas for Sharing Your New Placebrand

A place brand can only come to life when it is adopted – or taken ownership of – by stakeholders and citizens alike. Clients often make the mistake of trying to exert too much control over their placebrand program, when in fact the true power of a brand lies in sharing it – and letting it take on a life of its own.

8 Tips for Small Towns Using Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Facebook can be a great asset for any small town's marketing campaign. The viral quality of Facebook can help get your town's name out to new demographics with minimal effort and resources. The platform will essentially do the work for you.

Creating a Brand Advisory Group

Placebrands may be led and funded by one organization in a community, but they cannot be built without partnerships. Unlike corporate or product branding, adoption by the diverse array of internal stakeholders is essential in placebranding. Appointing a Brand Advisory Group is one way to ensure a broader base of input and support for both the process and the outcome.

Placebranding Self-Assessment

The first step on the road to developing an effective and authentic placebrand is to explore who you are, what you believe in, and where you are going. After all, if you don't understand yourself, how will anyone else be able to? And, if can't articulate what matters to you, you'll have a hard time getting others to pay attention.

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