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Bear tracks and lumberjacks

After losing close to 6,000 forestry jobs in a decade, and being ranked 123rd on a list of 123 Canadian cities in a popular news magazine, Port Alberni and surrounding areas began transitioning from a resource-based economy to a more diversified revenue base, including tourism.

West Cork, A Place Apart

In 1998, the region of West Cork, in Ireland, launched the Fuchsia Brand, an initiative that gathers local tourism and food enterprises under a single regional identity. Many years in development, the brand was a strategic undertaking designed to build on the area’s strengths by creating a highly-recognizable symbol of quality backed by high standards of product and service excellence.

Mile End: It is what it is.

A lesson in authentic placebranding.

The Cowichan brand - ten years later

The Cowichan region used to be described as the "no man's land" between Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Made up of many distinct sub-communities and spanning a large geographical area, the region did not have a well-defined identity—at least not one of its own choosing. Ten years ago, a forward-looking committee decided to embark on an ambitious placebranding exercise, the likes of which hadn't been seen in such a small region on the Island. The results of this placebranding effort are impressive and compelling.

The everyday life of branding in Cameroon

Author's note

We set out to do a treatise on branding in Cameroon—more specifically, a street-level assessment of how branding is done, what it looks like and what it tells us about life here.

We defined "branding" as any visual depiction of a place, organization or product that would let a common person on the street know who they are and what they do. What we ended up with is a broad glimpse at the visual and contextual appeal of local, national and international organization, business and product brands that permeate everday Cameroonian life.

From the absolutely serious, to the downright amusing—this is what we found…

At first glance, it doesn't seem like people spend too much time thinking about placebranding in Cameroon. Look again, and you'll find that sometimes the true personality and character of a place can only be seen up close, in the small details of everyday life.

I ♥ That Logo

How a simple tourism campaign became an international phenomenon and helped New Yorkers fall in love with their city all over again.

My city's better than your city

Has Greater Rochester Enterprise created a tool to measure a city's IQ?

Brand Together—branding a group of communities benefits them all.

The Palliser region lies in the southeast corner of Alberta, right next to the Saskatchewan border. It is classic Prairie—wheat fields, cattle ranches, and those amazing, endless skies. It is home to two urban centres which Canadians outside Alberta might have heard of—Medicine Hat and Brooks—as well as a number of small towns and villages.

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