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Hi there, I’m Selena.  I work for the Government of Alberta, and have been working with Taiji Brand Group on the branding of Southeast Alberta for the past three years. During that time I have learned a lot about the importance of place branding in economic development, andI have developed a passion for learning what it is about a place that makes it unique.  I was born and raised on the prairies, and I have a true love for this part of the country.  The prairie landscape, large skies, and wide open spaces are a part of my blood.  I enjoy reading, the outdoors and spending time with my husband and three children.


I'm Caroll Taiji. My main gig is Creative Director for Taiji Brand Group. But, branding places happens to be something I care very much about. I am fascinated by how places can define themselves—or not—and somehow take control of their destiny—or not—by believing in the power of brand and having the patience and tenacity to stick with it over time. I love to visit new places and see how people live. I love hearing their stories and trying to understand what makes places really tick—preferably from my favourite vantage point of a local coffee shop!


My name is Claire, and I'm a writer and researcher for Taiji Brand Group. I used to travel quite a bit until family life worked its magic and settled me down. But I still love to think about places, and "place." Why are certain places so special to us? They get under our skin, become part of who we are, and we defend them passionately against detractors. How do we explain the connection? And, how can place branding create that feeling of longing and belonging that will take people somewhere new? I'm not exactly sure yet—but I know that this site will be a great home base to explore from.


Hi. I'm Wayne and I lead Taiji Brand Coach, our brand training division. Time and place. I have lived in different places at different stages of my life and all of them hold a significant meaning. It is interesting to go back to them as they have grown and I wonder what would it be like to live there now. Each place has its stories that make up the chapters of my life. We have just moved to our dream location and I imagine this is where the book will end. Now my kids are engaged in their journeys, stopping at their places to create their stories. And so it goes… time and place.


I'm Jenny Farkas. I'm one of Taiji Brand Group's wordsmiths, and am all about the wordplay. So it makes sense that I'm also entirely intrigued by how a series of elements can come together to create a magical place. Places that truly work are like great sentences: they have a compelling story to tell, and they tell it in a way that immediately gets it into our bloodstream. (For these reasons, they're also like great brands!) It's almost a cellular 'knowing" when we've arrived at a place that feels really right—and my quest to explore this experience at the deep tissue level is what has led me to


Hi, I'm Riley. I'm currently studying communications and social change at Cornell University. I am pretty big into branding and media, and have always been drawn to what makes a great place brand tick. As a student-athlete I get some travel opportunities and this gives me the opportunity of experiencing a lot of hotels and soccer fields around the eastern US. It's always interesting to figure out what a place has going for it and where people hang out—especially in the campus environment! I'm also interested in branding from a general point of view and the changing role it plays in our culture.

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