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Brand or be branded. The case for change.

Every place has a brand. If you don't actively define it, your market will do it for you. Instead of expending energy managing the fall-out from unwanted and inaccurate brands, take control of your future by developing a strong placebrand now.

The "INY" campaign is the ultimate example of a place that pushed back against being branded as a filthy, crime-infested city, to create a state-wide brand that is embraced by locals and visitors alike.

Authentic placebrands capture the deep essence of who you are as a region, community or neighbourhood. They differentiate you from the "sea of sameness" by beautifully and honestly articulating what you stand for, and where you are going.

Make no mistake, great placebrands are so much more than a catchy logo and marketing strategy. For New York's rebrand to work, they had to tap into what the quiet and complicated elements of the city that mattered most to the people who lived there, and get crystal clear about what made them utterly different from anywhere else.

We call this process "branding from the inside out"; the key is to pull people together and build shared pride, and then use this as the foundation for developing a strategic, sustainable brand.

Placebrands fail if they position themselves as better than someplace else. Competing with others is a race to the bottom. Stellar placebrands grab our attention—and keep it—precisely because they aren't trying to be like anywhere else. They're proudly being who they are, and care passionately about protecting the quality of their future.

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