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The Value of Place Branding in Economic Development

Regional economic development aims to bring wealth into a region by attracting investment, and supporting business and entrepreneurial growth.

Perception vs. Reality

The results from the 2011 Global Green Economy Index are in. Germany and New Zealand top most of the categories measured, while the US and China (the two largest greenhouse gas emitters) still lag well behind the leaders. As for Canada — performance is inconsistent at best, especially for a country whose citizenry places a high value on a green economy. It appears that there are some real disconnects between how we see ourselves and how we actually perform as a country.

Why Placebrands Fail

Why do so many placebrands fail to reach their potential? Despite all the effort and good intentions, branding processes all too often get stalled, arouse controversy, fail to get traction in the community, or simply fade into obscurity.

City of Whitehorse

Exporting Brand Ireland

A generation lost to migration
As over the seas we fly
Dear old Ireland
I say goodbye

“Generation Lost”,
by Fergus Ahern©

Given how verdant the countryside of Ireland truly is, it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking the grass could be greener elsewhere. But due to high unemployment, economic uncertainty and hugely inflated housing costs, Irish youth are heading off to seek fortune and opportunity overseas — again.

The Gaelic Athletic Association

The Clonakilty GAA Sports Complex was built with community money raised by volunteers; its operations are also volunteer-based. It is a full-service community centre, with impressive fitness and physiotherapy facilities, social rooms, a meeting centre and a wide variety of beautiful competition pitches and training fields. The home team is the Clonakilty Black Pudding – named for the traditional black (or “blood”) sausage the region is famous for. It really is a connection hub for the community as well as a jewel everyone can take pride in.
It’s Friday afternoon and just about everywhere in Ireland thousands of cell phones are buzzing furiously with questions... “Where’s this weekend’s Div 4 match?”… “Anyone know if the park closed because of all this rain?”… “Who’s got the U13 hurling jerseys?” ... along with the odd friendly bet about whose team will win Saturday’s match. I know this for a fact, because as we are about to head out on a tour of the fantastic new Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) Sports Complex in Clonakilty, West Cork, our Irish host, Kevin Santry, is accosted by another parent-coach in a dire state over missing water bottles needed for the weekend match. Though they were talking awfully fast, I believe there may have been the quick exchange 
of a wager as well…

Rebranding Canada's Hinterland

How can you toast a marshmallow when you don't know how to build a fire?

Managing Canada's Green Reputation

Jeremy TamaniniJeremy Tamanini is the founder of Dual Citizen Inc., a consultancy working with governments and international organizations on creative strategies to advance their policy and economic agendas. For more information, please visit
2010 has been a roller-coaster ride for Brand Canada

Return to Rural

An economic development organization in Alberta includes social media in its strategy to bring young people back home.


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