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'And the Oscar goes to...'

Posted by Riley Taiji
A recent survey of the top tourism organizations around the world ranked New Zealand as the best country at destination branding. The country received the most nominations, ranking it ahead of usual favourites like Spain, Australia, and Ireland.

New Zealand has managed to turn their isolated location, what could be considered a weakness, into a strength with their "100% Pure" commercials. They use the beautiful and rugged terrain to frame their country as one of the last great, untouched landscapes. The campaign has helped make New Zealand into one of the world's top tourist spots.

But, it's hard to ignore the timeline associated with New Zealand's recent and meteoric rise in the world of destination marketing. Much of the location's success as a destination hot-spot came directly after the release of blockbuster "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. However, New Zealand is not shy about embracing and leveraging the publicity the trilogy afforded them. Their explicitness in associating themselves with the adventure and breathtaking, otherworldly scenery of Middle-earth is, in my belief, what made New Zealand's placebrand so successful.

They have proven that, in place of billion-dollar advertising campaigns, the clever leveraging of public and media relations can bring equal success to destination locations with smaller budgets.


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