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There are no accidental places.

Why are we drawn to some places more than oth­ers? Why do some places get more at­ten­tion than oth­ers and bounce back from set­backs faster than oth­ers? Why do some places just seem to cap­ture our hearts and minds, and in­spire great loy­alty–whether we have even been there or not.

Ten good reasons to care about your brand.

It is not easy for small communities to attract positive attention. More often than not, these places get noticed only briefly, and for reasons that are out of their control, such as crazy weather events or scary crime stories, or—if they're lucky—because a famous person is from there. Communities wanting to grow and diversify must often overcome negative, inaccurate stereotypes—or worse, invisibility.

Find your leading edge.

It's crowded out there. Countries, regions, cities, towns, and neighbourhoods are all clamouring for attention. They're competing for business investment, talent, and citizens with places in every corner of the world. Ironically, the only way to win in this game is to simply opt out.

Brand or be branded. The case for change.

Every place has a brand. If you don't actively define it, your market will do it for you. Instead of expending energy managing the fall-out from unwanted and inaccurate brands, take control of your future by developing a strong placebrand now.

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